Same sweater, more options

I have found in the weeks following my creation of a repurposed sweater-skirt that I haven’t worn it much.  I still like the concept and look, but not the functionality.  This inspired me to take a different approach with the same sweater in a different color.

photo (7)

I specifically chose my least favorite of the remaining 3 colors in case it did not work out.

I have been jonesing for a poncho-like/shawl piece for quite some time.  To steer my sweater in this direction, I cut open the side seams of the body and straight down the arms.

photo (8)

I pinned the cut sides of the arms to the cut sides of the body and sewed four new (9)

Since the arms are longer than the body, I had to trim the fabric at these (10)

Then, I pinned and sewed over the entire bottom to finish these cut seams.

photo 1 (1)

Here is what I ended up with:

photo 2 (1)

And here is the piece from various (selfie) angles as I had envisioned it to be worn.

photo 3 photo (12) photo 1 (3)

As happy as I was with the end product, I had to think about the practicality of trying to wear this with a coat.  I love that it could double as a scarf.

photo 3 (1)

Or triple as a hood…

photo 2 (3)

While I’m sure there is something similar on Pinterest or other areas of the internet, I can proudly say I thought this up all on my own while taking an extra long shower one evening.  Now I have an even better idea for this same sweater in grey…the color I wear the most.

Same poncho-style, more freedom for my arms…off to the shower I go.


Sweater repurposing…a 2 for 1 session

I purchased these sweaters last year from Victoria’s Secret.

I bought these basic sweaters last year, but don't find them particularly exciting

At the time, I was urgently searching for work-appropriate, basic sweaters to replace what I got rid of during the Purge.  Since shipping with VS can take awhile, I decided to take a risk and buy in bulk.  While they did fill the immediate need, I found myself staring in the mirror feeling “meh” about the look they produced.  I tried scarves and pairing with different colored jeans, but nothing really popped.  This is how, while practically like-new, they ended up in my repurpose pile.

Since leggings are a fashion favorite of mine, I’m always on the lookout for items that pair well and broaden their use.  It can be difficult to find tops long enough to make it look like I’m using my leggings as an accessory, NOT pants.  I have pushed that envelope over the years, so I figured if I can’t wear these sweaters “as is” with leggings, why not build some accessories for my favorite accessory?

Sweaters are the perfect item to easily turn into a duet of functional fashion – skirts and legwarmers!

I started with this little lady.


First, I cut off the arms and neckline of the sweater.


I pinned over (and slightly under) the raw edge and sewed the top of the skirt to make a casing for the elastic.

IMG_0764 IMG_0765

I measured the elastic to fit around my waist and weaved it through the casing to complete the skirt.


I followed the exact same steps to make the legwarmers, but decided to use scraps from my t-shirt vest project as ties instead of elastic (double-repurposing points)!

IMG_0766 IMG_0770

Here is the finished product.

photo 2 photo 4

(My daughter was so excited she had to get in on the action.)

I love the look and intend on doing the same with the grey sweater.  I’m not kicked apart about a coral or bright blue skirt, so I may try a scarf or belt with those.

It makes me smile to know that days before this sweater was doing nothing but collecting dust.   Just like my t-shirt vest, I couldn’t wait to wear these newly recycled pieces!