New year, new gear

With every new year comes new hope, goals, challenges, and achievements.  With 2014 ending in a roller coaster, I will be happy to coast for awhile.  I miss this blog and my time to focus on what I love – ingenuity.  While I will continue to work on repurposing unwanted wardrobe pieces, Sew Purposeful is meant for discovering, exploring, reflecting, and learning about my own purpose as well.

These Christmas gifts from my husband are very appropriate for this…

photo (14)

I have been wanting a solid, textbook-style overview of the fashion business industry.  I am hopeful that after my husband’s research, this will give me a great introduction.

The music box was instant tears.  I have been wanting one for years and loved that he selected one that was not only beautifully crafted, but decorated by one of my favorite artists, Edgar Degas.  Dance is something that will always be near and dear to my heart.  No matter where I am or what I do in my life, if I put on a pair of ballet slippers I go into a zone that I wish to stay in as long as possible.

One-of-a-kind knitting needles hand-carved from a single piece of wood are the most fitting gift I could ever imagine.  They are not only practical in the sense that I am incredibly anxious to, literally, try my hand at knitting with needles instead of my arms, but they also represent a new opportunity.  Beginning this month, I will be interning with DeNada Design, an accessory line of handmade Peruvian-inspired knits by the incredibly talented Virginia Arrisueno!

I feel very humbled that I was selected to be a part of something so special and look forward to growing personally and professionally from this experience.

Here’s to 2015…may it be the best year yet for finding purpose, beauty, and inspiration in all that surrounds me.  Happy New Year!


Deceiving spaces

This summer, my husband and I watched the documentary, TINY:  A Story About Living Small. While I couldn’t wrap my brain around that level of downsizing, it did inspire us to want our own version of a “tiny” home someday.  I follow Small House Swoon and have definitely fallen in love over and over again with these little slices of cozy, minimalist heaven.

Today I stumbled upon this video and was completely mesmerized.

While 86 sq ft of space certainly wouldn’t work for 3 people, it got me wondering if this whole “room space in drawers” concept could be used to maximize the space in individual rooms of a tiny home.  Beautiful.  Simple  Functional.

As long as I have enough room for a family-friendly table, plenty of natural light and a view, our small house would most certainly fill my heart.  Anything else we need could fit into a well-planned drawer.

Dem chucks doe

In my pursuits to establish a minimalist wardrobe, timeless pieces are key.  I want my wardrobe to be a personified fountain of youth.  This leads me to highlight my recent birthday gift – a sweet pair of Chuck Taylors.

Not only have chucks transcended time (seriously…they have been around since 1917), but they hold sentimental value in our family.  I did not have the opportunity to meet my late father-in-law, but I have met his most beloved fashion staple.  I enjoy hearing stories about his chucks and how he considered them all-occasion shoes.  His shoe legacy lived on in his children and their milestones.  We all wore chucks to my sister-in-law’s wedding reception as tribute and my daughter received her first pair of chucks when I was just 5 months pregnant.

Eleanor and Grandpa's chucks

Eleanor and Grandpa’s chucks

Our family love also extends to our refrigerator.

A delightful set of chuck-magnets from my mother-in-law

A delightful set of chuck magnets from my mother-in-law

I didn’t understand how my father-in-law could have worn his chucks with everything.  But now I do…


…because no matter what’s above, I can smile and know dem chucks doe…

Happy (Belated) Halloween

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays growing up.  Part of this was due to my birthday falling 4 days before, but the other is the opportunity for imagination and creativity to manifest itself in the form of a costume.  This year I was proud to go as the mom of the world’s most adorable chick!


This sweet face stole a lot of hearts and, by default, a lot of candy.  Hope your Halloween was magical!