Yarn + Bead = Earrings

I found my inspiration for my next crafty/fashiony/diy project here.


Not only did this look incredibly doable, they also looked legimately cute.  I picked up some heart-shaped pony beads thinking the shape may be a cute twist.  After fumbling around with hot glue and yarn lint on a small bead, I discovered it ended up in a ball shape any way.  I glued on the posts and tried them on.


Cute to look at, but HUGE.  I didn’t get a pic, but I remember it looking something like this.


Even without the lights and dangle, I felt like my head was one giant ball of yarn.

Not wanting to make yet another trip across the street to JoAnn with a toddler, I decided to hit up my repurposing pile.  I found the perfect bracelet with much better “pony” beads and quickly disassembled.


Oh snap!


I followed the same procedure as above – wrap, “dot” the hot glue and singe the ish out of my fingers, wrap some more, glue and burn, and wrap to satisfaction.  My less-than-happy fingers were covered in glue and yarn DNA, but I succeeded with a more petite version of my product.


Now for the drum roll…



How do they look?  I felt like they were still too big, but I guess I’m used to smaller, basic studs.  I didn’t have to love them, but I wanted to at least like them because they looked so darn cute sans ears.

I wore them that same day to meet one of my little tutoring clients.  One of the first things this sweet little first grader said was “I LOVE your earrings!”  When she found out I made them, it was like I was a magical fairy.  She was so intrigued and had to get closer and touch them.  It definitely brought my uncertainty to a solid “like.”

I have worn them several more times, but have yet to feel the love.  Maybe they just aren’t my style or maybe it’s my hair (post about that coming soon).

Either way, I’m happy I took on this mini-project.  Maybe I will try again with super fine yarn…and tweezers.  I need to give my fingers a chance to regrow their prints.





Sweater weather

Love me some background music for today’s sweater repurposing session – a session that did not have a distinct plan (which I can tell may be my favorite).

I also purchased this sweater from Victoria’s Secret (you will see this pattern) in cream and black.  I figured they would be perfect for leggings since they are long and easy to accessorize with their neutral color.


It’s functionality was deceiving.  While it’s cute overall, it’s anything but comfortable.  It’s clingy, itchy, and not very versatile.  I tried to expand its use with jeans, but it just looked lumpy and unflattering.  The foldover, cowl neck made it look awkward with a scarf.   It was left purposeless…

I started by making the same cuts as the previous sweater and decided to try out some of these ideas that I found on Pinterest.

I sewed over the raw ends of the arms and made the little stitch for my thumb to create arm warmers.  I also sewed over the raw edge of the body of the sweater to initially make a skirt.  It ended up being way too big and stretchy after it was cut-off from the rest of its friends, so I decided to use it as an infinity scarf instead.

IMG_0816 IMG_0809 IMG_0814

Love.  Them.

These new pieces came just in time for the rush of wintry weather.

‘Cause it’s too coooooooold for me here and now.  But I can hoooooold both my hands in new holes of my sweater.*

*I have a slight obsession in creating my own lyrics to songs.  Be prepared to see this often.

Sweater repurposing…a 2 for 1 session

I purchased these sweaters last year from Victoria’s Secret.

I bought these basic sweaters last year, but don't find them particularly exciting

At the time, I was urgently searching for work-appropriate, basic sweaters to replace what I got rid of during the Purge.  Since shipping with VS can take awhile, I decided to take a risk and buy in bulk.  While they did fill the immediate need, I found myself staring in the mirror feeling “meh” about the look they produced.  I tried scarves and pairing with different colored jeans, but nothing really popped.  This is how, while practically like-new, they ended up in my repurpose pile.

Since leggings are a fashion favorite of mine, I’m always on the lookout for items that pair well and broaden their use.  It can be difficult to find tops long enough to make it look like I’m using my leggings as an accessory, NOT pants.  I have pushed that envelope over the years, so I figured if I can’t wear these sweaters “as is” with leggings, why not build some accessories for my favorite accessory?

Sweaters are the perfect item to easily turn into a duet of functional fashion – skirts and legwarmers!

I started with this little lady.


First, I cut off the arms and neckline of the sweater.


I pinned over (and slightly under) the raw edge and sewed the top of the skirt to make a casing for the elastic.

IMG_0764 IMG_0765

I measured the elastic to fit around my waist and weaved it through the casing to complete the skirt.


I followed the exact same steps to make the legwarmers, but decided to use scraps from my t-shirt vest project as ties instead of elastic (double-repurposing points)!

IMG_0766 IMG_0770

Here is the finished product.

photo 2 photo 4

(My daughter was so excited she had to get in on the action.)

I love the look and intend on doing the same with the grey sweater.  I’m not kicked apart about a coral or bright blue skirt, so I may try a scarf or belt with those.

It makes me smile to know that days before this sweater was doing nothing but collecting dust.   Just like my t-shirt vest, I couldn’t wait to wear these newly recycled pieces!

Unplanned stop

Before I started this blog, I whipped out my dusty sewing machine and decided to play around a bit. We had a lot of catching up to do.  I knew I wanted to focus on highlighting what I already had in my wardrobe, so my first instinct was to create a new accessory.  While I love a good scarf, a belt is an item that I find myself reaching for, yet never having.  Here is the tutorial I used as my guide:


I conveniently (and dangerously) live across the street from a Joann Fabric.  I happened to find a fabric that is the bomb-dot-com when it comes to pattern and color scheme.  I knew my feelings for the fabric were legit when I refused to give up on a line that was at least 8 people deep (with carts filled to the brim for Halloween costume making) with a 2 year-old ready to burst at the seams.


I couldn’t find a belt buckle wide enough to work, so I created my own out of cardboard and covered it with a roll of embellishment using a hot glue gun.  It ended up looking even better than I had expected but, while aesthetically pleasing, I discovered it was too flimsy to hold the belt tightly.  To remedy the situation, I hand-sewed a snap to keep it in place.

Here is the finished product:

IMG_0519 IMG_0738

Not the greatest of fits (it gaps out a little in the back), but it is doable with additional coverage.  I will definitely work with this concept more and plan to try coffee can lids as the next belt buckle foundation.  A fabric with more stretch would be great for this project. Maybe one of my repurpose-ready, long-sleeved tees?