Yarn + Bead = Earrings

I found my inspiration for my next crafty/fashiony/diy project here.


Not only did this look incredibly doable, they also looked legimately cute.  I picked up some heart-shaped pony beads thinking the shape may be a cute twist.  After fumbling around with hot glue and yarn lint on a small bead, I discovered it ended up in a ball shape any way.  I glued on the posts and tried them on.


Cute to look at, but HUGE.  I didn’t get a pic, but I remember it looking something like this.


Even without the lights and dangle, I felt like my head was one giant ball of yarn.

Not wanting to make yet another trip across the street to JoAnn with a toddler, I decided to hit up my repurposing pile.  I found the perfect bracelet with much better “pony” beads and quickly disassembled.


Oh snap!


I followed the same procedure as above – wrap, “dot” the hot glue and singe the ish out of my fingers, wrap some more, glue and burn, and wrap to satisfaction.  My less-than-happy fingers were covered in glue and yarn DNA, but I succeeded with a more petite version of my product.


Now for the drum roll…



How do they look?  I felt like they were still too big, but I guess I’m used to smaller, basic studs.  I didn’t have to love them, but I wanted to at least like them because they looked so darn cute sans ears.

I wore them that same day to meet one of my little tutoring clients.  One of the first things this sweet little first grader said was “I LOVE your earrings!”  When she found out I made them, it was like I was a magical fairy.  She was so intrigued and had to get closer and touch them.  It definitely brought my uncertainty to a solid “like.”

I have worn them several more times, but have yet to feel the love.  Maybe they just aren’t my style or maybe it’s my hair (post about that coming soon).

Either way, I’m happy I took on this mini-project.  Maybe I will try again with super fine yarn…and tweezers.  I need to give my fingers a chance to regrow their prints.





New year, new gear

With every new year comes new hope, goals, challenges, and achievements.  With 2014 ending in a roller coaster, I will be happy to coast for awhile.  I miss this blog and my time to focus on what I love – ingenuity.  While I will continue to work on repurposing unwanted wardrobe pieces, Sew Purposeful is meant for discovering, exploring, reflecting, and learning about my own purpose as well.

These Christmas gifts from my husband are very appropriate for this…

photo (14)

I have been wanting a solid, textbook-style overview of the fashion business industry.  I am hopeful that after my husband’s research, this will give me a great introduction.

The music box was instant tears.  I have been wanting one for years and loved that he selected one that was not only beautifully crafted, but decorated by one of my favorite artists, Edgar Degas.  Dance is something that will always be near and dear to my heart.  No matter where I am or what I do in my life, if I put on a pair of ballet slippers I go into a zone that I wish to stay in as long as possible.

One-of-a-kind knitting needles hand-carved from a single piece of wood are the most fitting gift I could ever imagine.  They are not only practical in the sense that I am incredibly anxious to, literally, try my hand at knitting with needles instead of my arms, but they also represent a new opportunity.  Beginning this month, I will be interning with DeNada Design, an accessory line of handmade Peruvian-inspired knits by the incredibly talented Virginia Arrisueno!

I feel very humbled that I was selected to be a part of something so special and look forward to growing personally and professionally from this experience.

Here’s to 2015…may it be the best year yet for finding purpose, beauty, and inspiration in all that surrounds me.  Happy New Year!