Dem chucks doe

In my pursuits to establish a minimalist wardrobe, timeless pieces are key.  I want my wardrobe to be a personified fountain of youth.  This leads me to highlight my recent birthday gift – a sweet pair of Chuck Taylors.

Not only have chucks transcended time (seriously…they have been around since 1917), but they hold sentimental value in our family.  I did not have the opportunity to meet my late father-in-law, but I have met his most beloved fashion staple.  I enjoy hearing stories about his chucks and how he considered them all-occasion shoes.  His shoe legacy lived on in his children and their milestones.  We all wore chucks to my sister-in-law’s wedding reception as tribute and my daughter received her first pair of chucks when I was just 5 months pregnant.

Eleanor and Grandpa's chucks

Eleanor and Grandpa’s chucks

Our family love also extends to our refrigerator.

A delightful set of chuck-magnets from my mother-in-law

A delightful set of chuck magnets from my mother-in-law

I didn’t understand how my father-in-law could have worn his chucks with everything.  But now I do…


…because no matter what’s above, I can smile and know dem chucks doe…


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