Wardrobe roadmap

We have a starting point, now we need a destination.  While I try to steer clear of  labels as a general life practice, I do feel that finding words to generalize what I’m looking for in my wardrobe remix will give me a tangible goal.  This is where Pinterest becomes  the therapist.  I have been hesitant for years to lay on its couch and spill my loves, interests, and aspirations for fear of feeling inadequate.  Pinterest is a slippery slope and not for the faint of heart.  I find myself  smiling, getting butterflies, jumping-up-and-down with excitement only to crash and burn in a pile of procrastination and envy.  Who are these people who have all this time to make a bajillion boards and pin and repin and then have the nerve to actually follow through with any of it?  I wasn’t about to get tangled in the “keeping up with the Joneses” web, but then again I certainly can’t do this alone.  With all of its hang-ups, Pinterest is actually really good at its job.

Letting go of my fears, I jumped into the heaping pile of fashion pins and discovered that, in addition to being a  fashion minimalist, I really enjoy Parisian-chic with a hipster flair.

I’m a visual learner which is what makes a Pinterest fashion-therapy session so productive.  Here is a sampling of what I chose to “love” button:


If I had to choose a single photo to encapsulate my wardrobe-vision, this would be it.


These leggings offend me with their cuteness.


I need more flannel in my life.


Moto and classic beauty make a baby.


Love me a denim shirt!

Neutral colors, lots of black, scarves and functional (but adorable) shoes, jackets, minimal jewelry, comfortable but sleek, and purposeful.

Now that I have a general destination, my wardrobe and I have to accept that there are certain items that may need to be purchased along the way. My goal is not to craft an entirely new wardrobe out of an old one, but to utilize what I have as much as possible.  While I may not be able to recreate the above items, I can steer my current items to recreate the style.  I may aspire to be a minimalist-hipster-Parisian,  but I also just want to wear what I like.  That means I’m willing to change course and add in items that don’t fit the style if it presents itself.

That takes us to the next step in this process…the repurposing sessions.


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