This.  This is amazing.  I’m already cheating a little bit on my whole plan, but I could not pass this up.  Brilliant.


Turning an old t-shirt into a draped vest is my new favorite thing.  I say it was cheating because I didn’t use any of my own t-shirts to do this.  I did, however, use one of my husband’s old shirts.

Unfortunately, I was so excited to try this that I forgot to take a “before” picture of the shirt.  Here is the “after”:

IMG_0665 IMG_0672 IMG_0673

(Disclaimer:  I apologize that the vast majority of my amateur selfies will be taken in the bathroom until I manage to get a full-length, non-bathroom mirror.  I personally think the faucet and pile of my husbands clothes make the picture).

Okay, back to what I was saying.  This.  So unbelievably easy (seriously…a pair of scissors and 3 cuts) and so CUTE!  I wore it out that very day.  This is the perfect accessory item for basic tanks.  I’m just sad that the warm season is pretty much over…I will make it stretch a little longer with short sleeved tops.

I will be raiding my husband’s stash a lot more now.  However, I can handle buying a cheapy pack of men’s t-shirts if needed.  Free or way cheaper than what it would cost at any store.  I like those options.



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