We can’t go on like this

So there’s this closet just above where I’m sitting right now. I can picture the white, plastic, chunky hangers  with awkwardly hanging clothes semi-attached. They are next door neighbors to the hanging organizer full of random articles either balled up or neatly folded and neglected.

It’s not much to look at on its best day. Over a year ago, I traded in my stuffed drawers and closet for a minimalist wardrobe. Letting go of my 20-something items and pieces that I knew would never see the light of day again was truly refreshing. I vowed to do the whole “one-item-in, one-item-out” thing. I was going to take pictures of everything I had and keep tabs on outfit rotations. I would buy basic and embellish with accessories. It was a stellar plan.

Except the only thing that become truly minimalist-fashion about my wardrobe was the fact that I had “minimal” items. I gave it all away, purchased a few items here or there, and failed to do anything else. It’s up there right now, my faux-minimalist wardrobe. It’s there, but I can’t see it. It has been in my life for quite some time, but yet I don’t really know who it is anymore. It certainly isn’t me.

Admitting it is the first step. I need a safe space to openly proclaim that the only thing stopping me from buying everything new is my wallet. I guess I need to realize that, as in any relationship, those new items will get old someday too. It’s time to make the commitment, invest in my future with my wardrobe and start practicing what I preach in the form of true minimalist fashion.

Why buy everything new when I have many perfectly good options to work with? It’s almost time for the second step in repairing my relationship with my wardrobe: Reflection.


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